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Mr. Tingle graduated from Washington University School of Law, St. Louis, MO, one of the nation’s finest law schools, where he attended on a full academic scholarship.  Upon graduation he practiced criminal defense law successfully representing clients charged with various offenses ranging from murder, drug offenses, larceny, DUI, and numerous misdemeanor offenses.  All told, Mr. Tingle has represented well over 1,000 defendants.

In addition, Mr. Tingle served in the United States Marine Corps for twenty-six years from 1985-2011.  Mr. Tingle enlisted in 1985 and received a commission in 1988, leaving active duty in 1992 to attend law school.  Upon graduation from law school Mr. Tingle was also designated a judge advocate upon graduation from Naval Justice School in Newport, Rhode Island.  In addition to a full service civilian legal practice, Mr. Tingle has also served as a prosecutor, a military judge, the inspector general for the entire Marine Reserve, and has investigated high ranking officer’s accused of misconduct.

In 2001, Mr. Tingle returned to law school at the University of Miami, Miami, FL, and earned a Masters of Law (L.L.M.) in Real Estate Law, also attending on academic scholarship.  He graduated with honors while carrying the heaviest course load in the history of that scholastic program.

Presently, Mr. Tingle owns and operates “The Tingle Law Firm” - a full service law firm capable of meeting all your legal needs including but not limited to:  All matters of real estate law, condominium and HOA law, real estate development, all trial matters in both state and federal court, contract disputes, and foreclosures both residential and commercial.  In addition, Mr. Tingle handles personal injury, including slip and falls, automobile accidents, and serious medical malpractice claims.  The Tingle Law Firm also handles wrongful death claims, motorcycle accidents, and accidents involving tractor trailers.  The Tingle Law Firm has also handled and continues to handle admiralty claims all over the Gulf Coast and the Atlantic Coast of Florida and Georgia. We at the Tingle Law Firm provide comprehensive representation to defendants charged with crimes or offenses at the federal, state, and military level.

Mr. Tingle is licensed to practice in a number of courts at the federal, state, and military level.  Mr. Tingle is also licensed to practice before all military trial and appellate courts.  He is licensed in many federal jurisdictions and is licensed in Florida, Georgia, and Missouri.

We at the Tingle Law Firm would be delighted to represent the interests of either you, the individual, or your business interests.  Please feel free to contact us for a consultation.